Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the average age of the students?

    Each class is different, there is no average age. We have students as young as 8 years old up to 80 years. Some classes are for kids only and some adults only, but we like to mix the groups as often as we can as the dynamic actually creates a better learning environment for everyone. We also take some younger kids if they are serious about studying nature.

  • What is Headwaters about?

    It is important to know that our identity is as a school, not a camp or retreat center. Our classes are designed to help people become more self-reliant in nature and as we open ourselves to the natural environment, our self awareness grows. It is the goal of HWOS to help people build a personal relationship with nature that will also sustain their own well-being.

  • Who teaches your classes?

    Our classes are taught by highly-qualified teachers. We also have apprentices that support the teachers in each class, helping to give more one-on-one student support. Each class is designed to be an authentic life experience.

  • Should classes be taken in any order?

    All courses stand on their own and can be taken in any order. Our dream, of course, is that students take all the courses for a truly life changing experience.

  • Do you have custom classes?

    In the last several years there has been increasing interest in creating classes for groups. I recently led a Rites of Passage for 60 men on the land. I have put individuals out on vision quests and tailored classes for young people. Many schools are now holding private classes with us. This time on our land is life changing.

  • What are the camps like?

    The Shasta Camp is a life-long vision of mine. It has been said that it is one of earth’s power spots and I would concur after years of watching students become so deeply affected by their time on the land that they have been able to effect needed changes in their lives. Jean and I own the land but we are also life long caretakers. We have a private residence on the land which does not intrude upon the special authentic village consisting of many bark tipi’s, 2 round houses, and a natural kitchen built in the fashion of our indigenous ancestors. The land has 5 creeks of pure water meandering through it, various meadows, rock gardens and a sweat lodge situated on a piece of the property with a view of Mt. Shasta./p>

  • Who are the instructors?

    Tim Corcoran is the founder of Headwaters along with being the Conductor involved in every aspect of the school. Julie Boettler is camp cook and has been part of the Headwaters Family for years. She loves to hear your stories so come to dinner prepared to tell them. Our other instructors are all experts in their field and have taken most of the classes that we offer as well so their teaching is compatible with Headwaters philosophy.

  • What kind of food is prepared?

    All food is prepared by our cook, Julie, in our outdoor kitchen. She takes the ritual of cooking and eating seriously! Whenever possible we cook with wild foods gathered by students using many old-ways methods such as steam pit, dutch oven and fire cooking. Our vegetable garden feeds us throughout the summer with its organic bounty. Any food issues must be stated when a student signs up.