Apprenticeship Program

Headwaters offers a unique summer long apprentice program open to all, ages 12 years through adult who wish to go deeper into nature and all of our teachings. We give each person a tremendous amount of one on one attention, helping them to develop their outdoor skills, taking them deeper in their connection with nature and ultimately with their true selves.

  • The apprentice program lasts for a minimum of 4 weeks up to 9 weeks.
  • The apprentice fee is a flat rate of $750.00 per week with a $500.00 deposit due by May 1st.
  • Apprentices camp on the land either in our primitive bark shelters or in their own personal tent.
  • Apprentices and students are served 3 meals a day.
  • Apprentices have use of our showers and laundry room.
  • We have small lockers available for valuables. Apprentices will need to provide their own locks.
  • Apprentices take all of the classes offered, as well as help run the school behind the scenes. They assist with the garden, cooking, land and animal care taking and generally doing service where it is needed. Second year apprentices will assist the teachers by mentoring other students, as well as taking the teachings further.

Boys, girls, men and women become apprentices for a variety of reasons. Some come to strictly learn the physical skills of living in nature. Others are here to go deeper into the philosophy side of nature, and some are here because they are at a turning point in their lives and are looking for a place to find their next step. For whatever the reason, we have a unique place here to call home while they learn and discover what it is they are looking for. Headwaters becomes a second home very quickly and amazing relationships are built throughout the summer as we all come together as our own family or village, with a place for everyone to fit in.

There are a couple of weeks each summer (a week in June and a week in July) where there is down time between classes. During these times, apprentices can participate in a Primitive Living Backpacking Trip and an Adventure Week. During other periods of down time, apprentices will have time for short day trips and to remain on the land to practice their skills and to just Be in nature.

This program is a remarkable and rare opportunity to learn self-reliant skills, an important way to be in this modern world. Many of our apprentices have contacted us to let us know they have found a greater focus and deeper compassion for themselves and all life as a result of their participation in this program. We are confident that this apprenticeship will become a pivotal part of a person’s life, regardless of their age.

The apprentice program is held from mid-June through mid-August. There is a significant weekly discount of the class fees for apprentices. We can address financial considerations according to each person’s needs. We will help you create the program to fit your life and finances.

If an apprenticeship program is something that you are interested in please give Tim a call. 530-938-1304

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