What is an Earth Caretaker?

by Tim Corcoran

November 18, 2017

What is the purpose of humans on planet earth? Why are we here? I’ve asked this question for most of my life as so many others also have. Certainly we wonder about our purpose as it applies to our work in life. Raising children, doing what we love and on and on. All of these things are vital to our mental, physical and spiritual growth.

There can be many purposes to life. Mistakenly many think in limited ways, such as only having one purpose. In the shaman’s way, which is the earth way, there are no limits.Myself as an example, as to my life’s purpose as of now, is that I am a teacher, a mentor, an artist/photographer, a sweat lodge leader and singer and a nature writer. I’m on a spiritual journey to discover the deeper realms of our universe. I live my life through kindness and service. I’m a lover of our earth and committed to deepening my relationship with nature in every way possible. I’m committed to being the best I can be. The best friend, best husband, best dog caretaker, best gardener, best outdoor school director I can be. I’m committed to a life purpose to live through love.

Life is full of many purposes, some are for our entire life, others show at the right time. Life is a journey meant to be fully lived. A life with purpose and wonder is a life honored, a well lived life worthy of gratitude.

Some of you know how our Headwaters land touches people in very deep ways. Since I purchased our land in 1989 I’ve known of a spirit energy that lives on our land, a protector and watcher of our land and the Mt. Shasta region. This Being is always around inspiring me and guiding me. We learn as trackers that there is always more to see and feel. As we open up, more is shown to us. This earth is our precious, sacred home. In our universe and among billions more we only know one earth. We humans have found our home, our place.

The main purpose of humans is to be caretakers of our planet. This purpose will unite us in a common cause much bigger than anything we can imagine. Consciously taking on this role as earth caretaker will open us up to our better selves. It takes us out of our limited focus on our self. We can step into the gift that we are. To live for the earth is to live for the animals, trees, oceans, mountains, to live for it all. The earth has been waiting for us, our time is now. Claim your purpose, become an active caretaker. It will be a good life.

Tim Corcoran
Earth Caretaker