Preparing a Tepee Pole

Wilderness Skills

It feels like going back 2000 years. Come prepared to immerse yourself fully.

Cost: $1150

Date(s): Jul 9, 2018 to Jul 16, 2018

Teacher(s): Tim Corcoran, JT Beggs, Elliot Drake-Maurer

Students will learn basic skills needed to survive in the wilderness safely and comfortably. The philosophy behind these skills will be taught throughout the course. It will be held at our Mt. Shasta Camp which includes endless creeks, ponds and our authentic village consisting of sixteen bark tipis, two bark round houses.

We are proud to say this is the finest Skills Class taught today.

Skills Covered

  • Shelters: bark tipi, tipi, lean-to, debris huts and more
  • Water: how to locate and purify
  • Fire: bow drill and hand drill, campfire building, wood identification, etc.
  • Food: cooking methods
  • Wild Edible and Useful Plants: identification and gathering
  • Trapping Methods (no animals will be trapped during this class)
  • Hunting Methods: primitive hunting skills and philosophy
  • Hunting Tools: throwing sticks, spears, primitive bows, slings, bolas and more
    Cordage Making
  • Tool Making: working with stone and wood
  • Flint Knapping and Bone Working
  • Tanning Animal Hides
  • Camp Location and Setup

"Between the strokes of the bow drill and reading tracks in the snow, I received gifts unexpected: family, community, inspiration, laughter and the relationship with nature beyond belief." - Kelly Callahan, Teacher