Bear Claw Mark

Nature Awareness Marble Mountains

Discover a feeling of comfort and safety as you come home again in the wilderness

Cost: $1150

Date(s): Jun 30, 2018 to Jul 7, 2018

Teacher(s): Tim Corcoran

Students will learn to immerse themselves fully in nature. Renewing your connection with wilderness will be a major life freeing experience. You will spend eight days in the Marble Mountain Wilderness surrounded by ancient old growth forest with high alpine lakes, meadows, wildflowers and an abundance of wildlife to observe. I believe this class is the foundation for all nature studies.

Spending a week in an old growth forest will change your life. Join us and come home to the Earth.

We suggest taking the Wilderness Skills class right after this class.

Skills Covered

  • Earth Philosophy
  • Nature Observation
  • Methods of immersing oneself in Nature
  • Movement in Nature and stalking, fox walking, moving like the animals.
  • Camouflage and blending into and becoming one with the environment.
  • Tracking Basics and identification, animal signs, trails, runs, scat, etc.
  • Wild Edible and Useful Plants and identification, gathering and eating
  • Animal Identification and Animal Behavior
  • Basic Camping Skills including low impact wilderness camping

"With the Headwaters Outdoor School I've seen more and done more in the wilderness than I'd ever do on my own! From these many wonderful experiences I find my life richer, deeper and stronger for it." - Judy Grant, Grant and Associates