Exploring Edible & Useful Plants

Immerse yourself in the green kingdom

Cost: $825

Date(s): Jun 23, 2018 to Jun 29, 2018

Teacher(s): JT Beggs

This class creates fertile ground for a deep relationship with the land by exploring food and medicine in this very special place at the base of Mount Shasta.

Students will find themselves gathering and foraging not only across our beloved forests and meadows but through time as we glean knowledge from cooking and healing traditions. We will also learn how to use what is known in botanical jargon, as an identification key which lays the foundation for efficient plant identifying skills and allows us to delve into basic botany and taxonomy.

Each day we will combine instruction and guidance in medicine making, cooking with wild foods, being a respectful steward, philosophy, poetry, culture and more.

Personal experience, hands on learning and practical applications are the core of this class; the creeks, meadows, woods and mountains surrounding Headwaters Outdoor School offer an unparalleled outdoor classroom for exploring and learning about plant medicine.

Skills Covered

  • PLANT IDENTIFICATION – Develop working knowledge and ability to accurately identify wild growing plants.
  • BASIC PRINCIPLES AND APPLICATIONS OF HERBAL MEDICINE – Overview of the medicinally important plants in the environment surrounding HWOS. In depth exploration of five medicinally important plants (one plant each day).
  • MAKING PLANT MEDICINES – tincture, salves, decoctions, poultices and other botanical preparations.