Jon Crafting a Bow

Bow & Arrow Making

This is truly an essential skill for wilderness survival

Cost: $395

Date(s): Jul 16, 2018 to Jul 17, 2018

This class will be held in Mt Shasta following the wilderness skills class for students wanting to go deeper with their skills. Students in this course will take home a functional bow and arrow of their own making. We will cover care and use of these tools as well as an overview of the various types of bows. Beginning and experienced students are welcome. It is suggested you take this class more than once to learn different bow types.

  • Bow Making: self bow, long bow, sinew backed bow
  • Arrow Making
  • Flint Knapping
  • Cordage Making
  • Knife Sharpening and Wood Carving
  • Target Practice
  • Material Types and Selection

"All of the staff at Headwaters have the natural ability to understand the student's feelings and respect their desires." -- Paul B. Dirks