2018 Newsletter

by Tim Corcoran

January 18, 2018

For weeks I’ve been contemplating what to write for my annual writing for our school. I’m doing my best not to talk about the political fiasco that is happening, but it really does affect everyone and everything in and on this planet. Pay attention! Educate yourselves, VOTE for the earth, and take action to protect it TODAY. Our lives literally depend on it.

My thoughts about life and this past year is to still live in gratitude for the life that we do have and the beauty all around. Thank you to all the people who made 2017 for Headwaters Outdoor School a wonderful year. Thanks to Jean for her support on every level, from mentoring to teaching to creating our memorial garden. Thank you for creating and financially supporting the Walker/Hupp Scholarship Fund. Countless young men and women have been through our school because of this generous fund.

I’ve been so blessed by good people working for me all these years who truly have a love of nature and a passion for teaching.

Thank You!

  • To Julie for her quiet leadership, support, and good food.

  • To our dogs, who I also consider staff. The goodness in dogs is a human dream. They are simply the best. If we could be that good at our core, what a beautiful world we would have.

  • To our students. You make my dream of a nature school where people truly fall into a deep connection with the earth real. To the school teachers and parents who bring kids to our school, thank you for your trust and support. It means so much to me to work with you.

  • To our Headwaters elders, John Brennan and Tom Kray. These are two of the greatest men I know. It is an honor and a pleasure to work with you both. You are such assets to our community and truly loved and respected by all.

Ho! to the sacred land, the trees, the abundant creeks and springs, animals and flowers. And to Mt. Shasta watching over us. It’s an honor to have started Headwaters 28 years ago, and to watch it change and grow into an extraordinary environment to learn and connect with nature. Headwaters land has become a sacred space for our community, for past and present students. Just visiting our land can open a door to deeper connections to our earth and awaken the earth care taker within you with a clearer sense of purpose.

This year pick one sacred space on our planet and care for it. It could be any place near your house. Protect it. Serve it. Love this place as a whole, and each individual being in it. Insects, rocks, plants, trees, animals. Learn the language of the place by feeling gratitude, wonder, peace, joy, inspiration. Work with the space by creating some nature art. Give a name to this place. This place will become a home for you, a sanctuary. Be committed to this place and just watch what happens. Just watch.

We are looking forward to another wonderful year at Headwaters. You can help Headwaters keep going strong and making this world a better place by spreading the word about our school to others, and by coming back and working on enhancing your nature skills and connection. Then go out into the world and live it and share your knowledge with others.

For those of you who have not yet been to Headwaters come join us for a class. You can attend a one week class or stay for nine weeks. Our students and staff become a community living close to the earth. It’s in this daily living that so much of that wonder of Headwaters comes to life. I still marvel at the magic that is Headwaters. There is nothing like it and people struggle to explain it – it just has to be lived. Living close to the earth, with respect for the land and others brings out the best in everyone.

I feel my most important job in life is to protect and caretake Headwaters Outdoor School and the land. My forever calling is to keep the land open and sacred. My wish is for you to come to Headwaters in 2018 and awaken that earth loving being in you and find fulfillment in caring for our sacred earth. At this time in human history it’s so very important. In fact it needs to be the most important thing you do. It really is now or never. Our earth is calling you Home. Knowing the land, the earth, is knowing yourself. We are one in the same.

Caring for the earth is caring for your community, family and all living things. It’s the right thing to do. Headwaters is a catalyst for the deep earth work. Come join us this year. I’m looking forward to seeing you here!

It truly is an honor for me to have you join me at our school. Thank you for making my vision and dream come true.

Lets create a Happy New Year!

– Tim

Things you can do to help Headwaters:

  1. Send us your email so we can stay in touch.
  2. Promote Headwaters and when you come bring a friend.
  3. Send along your Headwaters stories and testimonies so others can get an idea of what it’s like attending classes here.
  4. Donate to the Walker/Hupp Fund and help someone else experience Headwaters.
  5. Come to our gathering in April, reunite with friends, make new ones, and help with some projects on the land.
  6. Get out in nature!
  7. Go out into the world and be a part of care taking our earth.