Jean Sage

Jean Sage

As I wind down my career in the television news business, I have spent time thinking about the state of the world, my place in it while observing the anxieties and discontent of young people and wondering what, if anything, I could do about it.

During this period, I had the incredible opportunity to spend one-on-one time with Dr. Jean Houston. She has been on the forefront of social change and consciousness movement for decades working with the great mythologist Joseph Campbell and anthropologist Margaret Meade in her early days. She currently writes and teaches on the interconnectedness of spiritual practice, quantum science and meditative practices in creating transformations within oneself for transformations within one’s community and the world. She also assisted Hillary Clinton in the 90’s in writing ‘It Takes a Village,’ and she is currently involved with the United Nations in creating programs around the world for empowering women.

In working with Jean I wanted to find the connection within my worldview of how quantum science and spirituality are the ignition points for recreating and reimagining myself as I enter a new life phase. I thought it would be a solitary journey but I find that my daily meditation practice, my self-education on quantum theory as a metaphoric language for understanding my spiritual beliefs within my daily physical reality while deepening my connection with the constant flow of nature energies has created a map for how we can all reimagine the world while recreating the self.

The Trump years provide an incredible opportunity for the younger generation (which is anyone younger than me) to find the hope and purpose and meaning for their lives that might not have shown itself in more peaceful times. We were all born for this time. I consider us all revolutionaries for change. My changes are vastly different in some ways to the changes taking place within a 16-year-old boy or girl or a twenty-year-old or thirty or forty year old but we all have a powerful connection.

Tim and I have been trying to figure out how to bring all these elements together, how to instill hope rather than despair when one looks at the challenges of climate change, how to help kids map out careers that serve humanity and themselves rather than a corporation’s bottom line. We will provide the opportunity for you to deepen your connection with nature to tap into the vast realms of non-local consciousness where communally and individually you will take the first steps into reimagining the world.

The absolute key component to this work is immersion in nature.