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Life Changing and Enriching Experience, Kevin Callahan

Over the years I’ve attempted to write this testimonial more times
than I can count; each attempt soon abandoned. The immensity and
complexity of what I have gained through Headwaters is difficult to put
into words.

Part of it is that my experiences there are so incredibly personal, so
sacred and dear to me. Part of it is that they are deeply nuanced and
span many realms from the simple roaring laughter at jokes around a
campfire to the deepest sanctity of the sweat lodge. They include
mysteries that do not live in words spoken, but rather in the sounds
of wind through cedar trees, smoke rising from a bow drill, a knife
drawn through wood, bone flaking obsidian. Secrets heard in the calls
of a flock of geese overhead in a starlit night sky, stories of life’s
drama unfolding through echoes in the tracks of predator and prey. The
mystery of a heart letting go of how it wishes things were, opening to
how things are. The true feeling of homecoming looking around a circle
of faces illuminated by fire light, their owners sharing personal
truths, pouring their honesty into the space held by their community;
a chosen family if only for a week.

When I came to Headwaters as a young man of 21 I was seeking, though
for what I could not clearly define. I just deeply knew that something
was lacking in my life; it was serendipitous perhaps that my first
experiences at Headwaters would prove both the end to that particular
quest, and the beginning of journeys to entirely new ways of being.
Through seeking hard skills that would bridge a growing sense of
alienation from the natural world, I found kindred seekers, and more,
I found my own place in this life and time.

Since those early days in 1996 I’ve taken most of the classes the
school offers and been an assistant and instructor on many, even
having created and led my own. Even as I’ve moved closer to middle age
and across the country to make my home and raise my family in rural
Maine, I strive to maintain my relationship with Headwaters, to walk
my path, and to live the myriad lessons I’ve been blessed to learn
with honor and integrity.

Put simply Headwaters has enriched my life beyond what I can even
begin to describe in a short testimonial. The lessons have gone far
beyond their initial application in the outdoors to permeate even my
current career as a web application programmer, my marriage, my
parenting, every corner of my life. They have shown me a path to more
joy, deeper compassion, and a realization of more happiness than I
would have ever thought possible.

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