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Farewell Jack and Bear

Hello Headwaters Family-

We have some sad news to share with you, but feel it’s important that you know. Some of you already know that Tim’s dad, Jack, passed away a few weeks ago. (1/17/10) He had a stroke and passed away 5 days later. Tim was able to be with him when he passed, and held him and helped him Journey to where he was heading. Knowing someone is going to pass and experiencing someone passing are two very different places to be, and Tim is struggling a bit with his loss.

A big snow storm and the Winter Class within days of Jack’s passing put the grieving almost on hold until things settled back down. Tim is on vacation right now for 3 weeks to get some rest and revive and do some good healing. Crash is with Tim’s niece in Placerville and adjusting well to his new warmer environment. We found out that Crash is around 16 plus years old. Jack kept telling us he was 9.

So now we have some more tough news. Yesterday, 2/8/10, Bear suddenly passed away also. Even though Bear was 12 years old and slowing down greatly we did not expect him to die any time this year. It was definitely a shock to us. Tim and Jean had just left for their vacation and Bear stopped eating a couple of days later. Then on Saturday he was obviously not doing well and Sunday morning he passed away in Tim’s house. Julie was with him and held him and made sure he knew how much he was loved and will be missed. She thanked him for all of his healing work with people and for being such an amazing, kind soul.

Tim and Jean were both able to say their goodbyes to him over the phone just before he passed, and Bear had responded to them after having not moved or responded for hours. He was able to pass at home, which we know he wanted to do. He hated going to the doctor.

Both Jack and Bear will be cremated and Tim will have a small ceremony here on the land sometime in the spring for Jack, and it’s too soon to know about Bear.

We will and already do miss our iconic Jack sitting on the porch with his pipe, greeting people as they pass by. The day he passed some of Tim’s family members went to Black Bear Diner in honor of Jack and honored him with a big bacon breakfast.

As for Bear there will be a huge wound and hole here as well. He has been bigger than just a member of the family. He has been our camp Healer and everybody’s friend. At some point Tim is going to post a page on our website for Bear with pictures, and with a place for people to write and share their stories of Bear. It will be a good place to remember and honor our friend.

We are sorry to give you this news, but it’s important to share the tough times with the good as well. After all we are all family. Take a walk in the woods or on the beach or wherever you live, get out in nature and live fully.
----Love, Tim

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