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Calling all artists and not so arty artists. We are asking for submissions for 2 t-shirt designs for the school. The t-shirts are way for us to fund our 501(c)(3) non-profit – The Walker/Hupp Fund through Upper Reaches.

The first is NATURE MATTERS. For those who have spent time at Headwaters you know that Tim is an earth caretaker and his message has been and will always be “nature matters.” Let’s memorialize that on t-shirts for friends, family and strangers to see.

FREEDOM KEEPERS is the second. Tim and I are doing a class this summer about re-imagining the world through a deeper connection with nature, within our individual selves and community. To do that, we must understand how to preserve freedoms in a time of democratic disruptions. Freedom is so much more than a Bill of Rights or a Constitution. It is compassionate humanity at its best. We must all be Freedom Keepers!

Freedom Keepers designs will be printed on a black background and a white background and we will take either one design for both backgrounds or 2 separate designs due to the color difference. Nature Matters will be on various colors like the HWOS t-shirts are now and require only one design.

Tim, Julie and Jean will be judging the submissions. We would like them by the first week of April so we can have them printed and ready for the summer.

The winners will get a free class. There will be 2 or maybe 3 if we decide on 2 different designs for Freedom Keepers. All those who submit a design but did not win, will receive 2 free – potentially 3 – t-shirts for submitting their designs.

We look forward to seeing your creativity!!!

Send submissions by email or postal mail:
Address: P.O. Box 1210, Mount Shasta, CA 96067

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