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Tim's thoughts on 2014

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Last year was an amazing year at our school. It’s become clear to me this year that Headwaters is so much more than a school. It’s become sacred space for a grouping of people, of all ages, that have over 23 years, been a part of our community. Our school and land holds space for our community. It has become a source of light in the darkness. It reminds me of the saying, “No amount of darkness can put out the light of one candle or star.”

I believe Headwaters has become sacred space for many reasons. First, the land itself has always been very powerful. I was told by locals when I purchased the land many years ago that it was a very sacred place. Over these past two decades I’ve witnessed the land transform countless lives directly and indirectly.

The work and all of the love that so many people have put into Headwaters has added powerful medicine, and has added purpose to the land. The land is our teacher.

The teachings at our school have become so powerful that we now have countless lovers of nature sharing about their personal connections with others and influencing them to get outside and enjoy nature and protect her. I now know that much of my legacy lies in my students taking their love of nature out into the world and changing it for the better.

I love the work we do. I feel blessed to be so trusted. I never take my place in our school lightly. I am so lucky to do what I love and live in such beauty.

I have so much gratitude for my staff and all that they do. I couldn’t do the work that I do without them. This past year I was able to pass on more responsibilities and teaching to my staff, and they did exceptional work. A special thanks to Julie for being the glue that brings it all together. I want to thank Jean, my wife, for living with my intense schedule, and also for the many teachings she brought this year to enrich our school. I know we are looking forward to more insights from Jean this coming year. All of the efforts by all the people that put time and energy and love into our school and our land is so appreciated. It is much of the medicine that makes our place so unique and sacred.

This year I found great hope for the future of our planet. The largest movement in world history is happening right now worldwide. There are growing pockets of people of all ages, and all types, and all different lifestyles working independently at all levels to fight for our earth. They/we are working to stop poverty, and abuse to people and animals and our earth.

What makes this movement so great is that it’s spontaneous, and very creative. People aren’t waiting for someone else to do something. They are doing it on their own because it’s the right thing to do. Because it’s the only way anything ever gets done, by one caring dedicated person with an idea and taking action in any small or big way possible. By not standing on the sidelines thinking it’s someone else’s problem. By knowing that it is all of our responsibility to take care of the planet we all live on. There is no reality of separation of country or living class. All of that is an illusion created by people who are not aware, either by choice or fear or ignorance. What happens on one side of the earth eventually happens on the other and everything affects everything. There is no air filter between our made up boundaries. We are all in this life together.

This movement is service the best way it can be. This kind of service always makes a full circle, which benefits all people and beings.

I have great hope for our future, even though often if you listen to the news it seems so bad out there. People have been conditioned to thrive on negative drama and react with more drama, instead of getting the facts and responding by doing something about a situation. This movement to create lasting changes for the better, with all of you on board, will and is changing our world. It takes risk takers to say and do what’s right even when it’s not easy or popular with others.

This generation is the generation of people that will take us into a new way of living. We all were born here in this time for a reason. We are here to shake things up and tip the scales back in our favor to create balance. We as a human race tend to let things go that we know need fixing until it hurts bad enough. We are on that edge where EVERYONE will feel it bad enough, and the effects of drinking up our own pond is not something that those with money can buy their way out of. A credit card won’t get you more long term water in a drought. Money won’t buy healthy food without poisons when everything is contaminated. There are a lot of negative actions and situations going on, but the exciting part of our fortunate life is that we have the ability to jump into the adventure of creating a new way of living. We have the ability to walk backwards into the future and that’s one of the reasons I have chosen to make Headwaters my life’s work.

So jump on board and be a part of the positive changes. Make every day count. Look in the mirror at the end of each and every day and ask if you made a difference that day. Did you take action to be a part of the change? Stay connected to Headwaters for support. Keep our community strong and help each other. Stay in touch with each other. Take classes. Tell people about Headwaters. Teach by your actions. No matter how old you are, you are a role model for someone else. Take that responsibility on consciously.
I am committed to keeping Headwaters strong and safe. Know that what keeps Headwaters sacred is what you, our community, puts into it. I facilitate this space and what is taught and created here, but YOU are Headwaters.

Thank you again to all. It’s amazing to watch all of our students and staff grow with our school. It’s clear that much of my job going forward is to be of guidance and get out of the way and let this train go down the tracks. I look forward to 2015.

Tim Corcoran

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