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The Shasta Winter is Back

Bark Tepee in Winter

We were beginning to wonder if we'd ever see another Shasta Winter. But after receiving continuous snow storms for the last several weeks, it looks as if the Shasta Winter is back.

Headwater's land becomes a magical place during the winter. Peaceful and quiet. A distant moon over a white mountain. A warm campfire. Sleeping in a cozy snow cave during a snow storm. There is really no experience quite like it.

The Winter Class allows students to come experience Headwater's land during this amazing season. Many students say it is the best class they have ever taken at Headwaters. The class combines the core curriculum of Headwaters including Wilderness Skills, Nature Awareness, and Earth Philosophy.

Part of the class takes place on Headwater's land, part at 7000 feet on Mt. Shasta, and part in the desert region of Lava Bed National Monument, allowing you to experience winter in three distinct environments.

The Winter Class is a life changing experience for many students. Come brave the cold and discover the warmth and beauty of winter.

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Image of Mount Shasta in the Winter

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