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Looking at 2016 and Beyond

Looking at 2016 and on.

I have many thoughts on this year and the future. First, I want to be very positive, it’s who I am at the core, in-spite of my initial reactions to bad situations.
Headwaters Outdoor School and our land and camp have become a light in the darkness, a shining star in the dark night. It has become a candle burning the light of hope for our earth and our earth loving people, for all earth care takers.
Headwaters holds space for our loosely tied, loving community. In these confusing times, and down right crazy times, I’ve seen just how important our school and land is to our people. I’m thankful Headwaters has become such a special place. It’s what I always dreamed would happen. Yes! Dreams do come true.

What’s next now that this dream has become real? To all that love Headwaters…I’m 62 years old this December 25th. I need help maintaining and protecting and growing our school.
What you can do-

1.Become involved, own your own love of place by telling others to become students. Students keep our school going and they go out into the world and protect our earth as earth care takers. They become the leaders for positive change.

2.Donate any amount of money to the Walker/Hupp Fund or fundraise for this crucial scholarship fund which helps those who need some financial assistance to join our community and learn. In 2016 we were able to $13,000 in financial assistance to those who needed help. It makes a huge difference to be able to offer anything.

3.Take the Headwaters teachings and pass them on. Vote for the earth. Fight and protest for the earth. Become an earth care taker and live in a way that says through action that the earth is my home, my life source and I love our earth. Walk and live for our planet earth.

4.Mentor, teach and lead. Become an inspiration, a living example of earth caretaking consciousness.

5.Go out and hike and climb and explore. Go to the mountains, oceans, forest, deserts. Interact with our earth. Let our earth remind you of what’s important. Truth will always be found in nature.

6.Start a garden for wildlife. Feed birds, they’ll sing for you. Plant trees. Make your community earth friendly. Repair creeks. Caretake forests. Support groups that protect our earth, physically and financially.

7.Educate yourself. Learn what our earth needs, then get involved.

8.Educate yourself as a consumer. Consume in a way that is good for our planet.

9.Garden for yourself and nature.

To love our earth is to know our earth, is to know what our earth needs. Caretaking our earth is love in action. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing this love. It’s who we humans are at our best.
I’m a person of action. Please join me in our journey on this precious earth. It’s home, my home, your home. It’s home to all living things. Join me as a caretaker for our earth. It’s a recipe for a wonderful life.

Some words on our presidential election…It was a serious blow to our earth. Our country elected leadership that is 100% against our earth. People that didn’t vote and people who wrote in protest votes and Trump voters all voted against our planet. As a result much damage will be done. I’ve been fighting for our earth in a serious way for over 50 years. I started at 12 years old. The few have always led the many. This is how it works.

Now is the time to look inside and find that earth warrior/earth caretaker and get to work. Remember it’s not the fools who voted for Trump or the protest voters or the non-voters that we fight for. We fight for our earth and future generations. We fight for the trees, rivers, oceans, birds, bears, deer, for all of them. It’s why we are here on this planet to serve, to caretake and to protect. So dig deep and do what’s right, and right the wrong-Our earth is counting on you. Be the change. Come to Headwaters for inspiration and knowledge and community support. Fight the good fight, the future is up to us-the 10%.
Tim Corcoran
December 2016

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