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Vision Quest

Date(s): 6/23/2018 - 6/29/2018

Cost: $950

Teachers: Tim Corcoran

A Vision Quest is a time to spend alone in nature with no daily-life distractions. Like the Rumi poem "the breezes at dawn have secrets to tell, don't go back to sleep," the Vision Quest provides us an opportunity to awaken to our inner yearnings so we can learn to fulfill our basic nature rather than be in conflict.

We divide our quest into three segments: 3 days preparing, 3 days questing and 2 days preparing to return home. On our extraordinary 72 acres in the Mt. Shasta area, the land bountiful with 3 creeks, pine, cedar, and fir forests and open meadows provides the tranquility essential for slowing the mind and body. This is a brief moment in time where you learn about external and internal nature. The Greek word for nature means birth and these 8 days will give birth to your essential self through questing, sweat lodge, journaling and eating organic rich foods. The quests will be led by Tim Corcoran.

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Tim Corcoran Photography

Tim Corcoran Photography

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