Kitchen in Winter

Earth Philosophy

Date(s): 7/28/2018 - 8/4/2018

Cost: $1150

Teachers: Tim Corcoran, Lou Ponig,

In cities we survive, in wilderness our Mother Earth has the opportunity to teach us all that we need to know to live.

Students will learn about the Spiritual side of Nature through Meditation, Shamanic journey work, Nature art, Ceremony and Sweat lodge ritual. They will open to a deeper level of communication and interaction with Nature and discover the many ways in which the Earth speaks to each of us.

We suggest you take the Advanced Earth Philosophies level 2 and 3 immediately following this course.

Skills Covered:

  • Self Awareness and Self Observation
  • Nature Awareness and Nature Observation
  • Communication with Plants and Animals, Wilderness Questing
  • Meditation in Nature - Body Control
  • Crafts using feathers, stones, hides, bones, and more
  • Living Life - based on a philosophy of oneness with Earth Mother
  • Sweat Lodge Ceremoney
  • Storytelling and Songs

" To me, headwaters outdoor school means that there is hope in this world. without going back to the land in a conscious way, there is no hope. " - Charlie Storm Owl, teacher and elder

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Tim Corcoran Photography

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