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Testimonials From Students

What Headwaters Has Given Me, Elliot Drake-Maurer

Headwaters Outdoors School is much more than its name implies. It is so much more that I find it difficult to put into words what the school has given me, how much it means to me, and what it will continue to be for me in the future. It is a place of learning, friendship, and of something special, something that touches anyone and everyone who sets foot upon the land, even for a moment.

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Dream Job, Jon Bock

Jon Bock, Headwaters Instructor

I found my dream job when I was 15

I started coming to Headwaters when I was 15. My first experiences with the school were the Nature Awareness Class followed by the Wilderness Skills. From day one I knew I had found home.

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Love It, Leo Fusco

Hammond Pond, Headwaters Outdoor School

Love it.

Headwaters is, truly, my happy place.

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Looking Forward to Headwaters, Jenine Y

Marble Mountain Wilderness, Nature Awareness

I first went to Headwaters with my 5th grade Waldorf class. As soon as I stepped out of the car, I was almost knocked over by all the dogs. They were so exuberant and joyful, and immediately I was on the ground, petting them and all the awkwardness was forgotten.

Now, about 3 years later, I smile at the memories of my “headwaters family” and of the summer’s adventures. Again, in the 6th grade this time, I traveled the 5 hours up there with my class. When the week was over and we were leaving, I told Tim that I would be back for a few of the summer classes.

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