Breaking Storm Mt. Shasta - Photo by Tim Corcoran

Reinvent Your Life, Re-imagine Your World

You are revolutionaries for a new time.

Cost: $600

Date(s): Jul 24, 2018 to Jul 28, 2018

Teacher(s): Tim Corcoran, Jean Sage

You are revolutionaries for a new time. You are revolutionaries without weapons, without bullets and without ancient grudges that lead to war. You are revolutionaries in a new paradigm, a new way to be that recognizes and honors the interdependence of all beings on earth.

Revolution demands action and your revolution must be grounded in a faith that your actions can and will change your community, your beliefs, you and thereby the world! Revolution needs unions of like minds. Quantum science has taught us non-scientists that non-local consciousness (subatomic particles that are able to communicate instantly with each other, regardless of the distance between them which gave us the concept of a holographic universe) and subatomic events penetrate invisible fields of dark matter (you will learn the importance of that science and how to consciously access it for spiritual practice.) They enter a unified field where the events are ignited into physical form that knows no boundaries, no country, no religion, no ethnicity. It knows only life. These are the quantum spaces where your thoughts are energized into creative physical forms. This is this the metaphor and language for an emerging new world, this is what you were born for.

You are a small collective of a larger whole where all over the earth your generation is coming together to explore and to understand the patterns of co-creativity with a living universe. These patterns are writ large in this time of massive global changes. Our aging system absolutely requires that you evolve your consciousness for this new system to leap into higher evolutionary states quickly.

You are the freedom keepers and the earth keepers; therefore, it is paramount for you to understand how to see and shape shift old patterns quickly to manifest new energies into physical, transformational forms for earth and humanity to continue co-existing.

How do you become shining lights in a world descending into darkness? Tim and I are gate keepers who will show you the patterns and teach you how to tap into the vastness of this unified field individually and collectively to activate the creativity within your consciousness. We will show you how to co-create with a living universe, a universe that will reflect to you your image of it and therein lies your power and your communities power to change what doesn’t work into what will.

We can open the doors into these higher realms of creativity and consciousness but it’s your generation that the universe is waiting for to reinvent our aging system and create a new framework for how humanity and earth will work together for all.

Many of you have been apprentices or have worked with Tim so you are familiar with the sweat lodge and the camp. This experience will include sweat lodge, meditation, earth art, working with symbols and metaphors (Tarot, Despaucho), individual and communal exercises and an immersion in beauty – author John O’Donohue wrote ‘even in the midst of chaos and disorder, something in the human mind continues still to seek beauty.’ The beauty and coherence that you experience in nature is the external manifestation of your inner consciousness. Through understanding that the rhythm that exists in your life’s journey depends upon beauty as much as consciousness (without the internet, without Facebook, without texting, without Instagram, without cell phones, without all the electronics that you have become dependent upon) you will reinvent yourself and reimagine the world. This is the next step for people of all ages who know the old way of how to be in the world doesn’t apply to them but they don’t quite know where to go or what to do!