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At Headwaters Outdoor School in Northern California we teach primitive skills Earth People have used throughout time to survive in kinship with the Earth. Skills include Wilderness Survival, Tracking, Edible and Medicinal Plants, Nature Awareness, Earth Philosophy and many others. We also offer custom classes for schools, groups, and individuals. Class locations are in areas chosen for their abundance of wildlife, creeks, meadows, forests and spectacular views. Come back to Nature and discover a whole new world before you. Join us for a class today.

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Headwaters Brings Me Home, Leslie Dirks

Headwaters Outdoor School brings me home to a place of wholeness, health, and peace. When I first ventured up to Mt. Shasta for the Earth Philosophy class, I came not knowing a soul and I left as one of the family. That class opened parts of me I had forgotten existed. Beautiful, ugly, real. Now that I have experienced the Winter Class I know what it means to be in tune with the weather, to sleep nestled in a snow cave that I created with friends to protect me from a raging snow storm, to breathe in the stillness of a starry night, to soar with eagles, to scamper over lava beds and watch snow turn into rain, to surrender to a beautiful community of people, to humble myself and step out of ego, to ask plants for permission to use their leaves and branches for a shelter from the rain, to give thanks for the life around me and in me. I am so deeply touched and for the first time in a long time I feel connected with this earth that I call home.

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Best Trip Ever

I have to tell you that I had the best trip I have ever taken with Nature Awareness. I have traveled all over the world, and this trip affected me more than any other, and far more than I had expected. I went in with an open mind, hoping to learn and find a spiritual connection to the world that has been missing in my life. I came away with so much more.

Hooked on Headwaters, Nancy Boxer

I love Tim's classes. I took his weekend Native Plant Class and immediately signed up for the Bow & Arrow Making Workshop. My son Scott came along and he was hooked. We joined the 8 day Nature Awareness Class and Scott went on for Wilderness Skills the same summer. This year we are planning to do more.

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