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At Headwaters Outdoor School in Northern California we teach primitive skills Earth People have used throughout time to survive in kinship with the Earth. Skills include Wilderness Survival, Tracking, Edible and Medicinal Plants, Nature Awareness, Earth Philosophy and many others. We also offer custom classes for schools, groups, and individuals. Class locations are in areas chosen for their abundance of wildlife, creeks, meadows, forests and spectacular views. Come back to Nature and discover a whole new world before you. Join us for a class today.

Santa Cruz and the Central Coast

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As a young child, Tim Corcoran developed a deep connection to the land and sea throughout California's central coast. At the age of twelve, he conceived the idea of an art book that would celebrate and give thanks to the region that was such an important source of his inspiration.

We Remember

At Headwaters we remember how we humans were meant to live with; fun, art, friends, community, nature, purpose greater than ourselves, good working brain, creativity, healthy food, dogs, hard physical work, clean water, being heard, spirituality-no dogma-just feeling it, campfires, birds, squirrels, animals everywhere, tree sitting and climbing, elders, teaching, Mt. Shasta, creeks, flowers and so much more.

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It's a difficult time for our planet. We're not sure what to do or how. We often wait for a hero to show up and save the day. Look at you're reflection in a pool of water. There you'll find the hero. The time is now. Your time is now. The planet needs you. We wait and wait for help to come and all along it's been right in front of us. It's us, the humans. All that needs to be done is within us. We have what we need.

Headwaters Updates from Tim

Winter Shelter

What a year we had in 2012. Our year at Headwaters ended with a massive snow storm for 5 days. This equaled lots of digging, plowing and tractor work, and of course beauty beyond description. Mt. Shasta is quite simply glowing like a massive crystal.


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Tim Corcoran Photography

Tim Corcoran Photography

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Apprentice at Headwaters